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Pranay Sheth

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About Me

An enthusiastic, anaytical and inquisitive full stack developer well suited to projects that prioritize accomplishing high goals, demand continous learning and imagining new and different ways of doing things.An engineering graduate with a passion to build highly scalable, durable and resilient cloud solutions.

Latest Projects

calendar management app

Calendar Management App -developed for executives

The calendar management app was built to manage time and productivity for top level excecutives at firms. It was built in collabartion with an industry partner

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Take Me There - a Rome2Rio API based application

A one-click windows store application that provides air travel details to popular cities around the world. Built with Windows 8.1 store application

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EduCan - a search program

A tool created to help students look for universities and colleges in Canada.

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project name

Card Game - A JavaScript based concentration game

This is a simple javascript card game. Concentrate on each card, when you face it up and search for two same cards to solve the puzzle. AND it calculates the seconds you consumed to solve this puzzle.

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Other Projects

Redistasks Playground

A quick Redis app that does task management

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Play-with-ES6 project Open Source

A quick ES6 reading, highlighting some key new features

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Play-with-Redux project Open Source

A video streaming application

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Notie.js Open Source

A notification plugin for JavaScript with no plugins

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Work Experience

Sr. Full Stack Developer - Intrigue Media (2016 - Present)

Intrigue Media offers web-based software solutions to its clients governed with the philosophy of empowering local leaders. As lead developer, I proposed, architected and lead development of the following systems that has increased efficiency, profitablity and accountability within the organization.

Workflow Management System
Built highly available and efficient REST-API’s to interact with clients. This provides insight into work flow, indicates operational efficiency, production and capacity planning. Developed and maintained using, Swagger, PHP (Slim 3.0), MySQL.
Ticket Management System
Developed a highly available and scalable ticket management system that integrates with the workflow management system. The system is powered by a NodeJS backend served with Loopback,MongoDB database and ReactJS in the frontend. It was built as a pay as you go service to enable clients to request work 'outside the agreement'. Slack and AWS SES to deliver notifications for ticket progress.
Campaign Management System
Developed a loosely coupled, elastic and scalable campaign management system. The system helps the operations team in managing various aspects of a marketing campaign.
  1. Integration with Salesforce to help onboarding clients
  2. Built intrgration with QuickBooks using microservices style architecture to generate invoices for campaigns, reads statuses of pending/overdue invoices and triggers various steps such as notifications using AWS SNS, AWS SES and builds revenue reports on a per client basis. This enables management to get end-to-end transparency of data throughout the client's journey.
  3. Implemented document-level optimistic concurrency control using WiredTiger to enable highly efficient reads and good write performance. Used nonce as a protection against concurrent edit conflicts and better manage changes to records.

Frameworks/SDK/Tools: React, Express.js, Salesforce REST API v44, QuickBooks SDK v3 - PHP(microservice), Swagger, AWS ELB, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudWatch and AWS SQS, Mongoose, MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB and AWS Kinesis

Trivia Game
WebSockets protocol based trivia game to establish mobile and TV interactivity using NodeJS, Express.js and

Software Developer - Ciena (2015 - 2016)

Ciena’s software services offer comprehensive network management and design tools to enable efficient lifecycle management of customer’s network.

Product UI
Built user interface using Ember.js for product range and used ember-data for data management and adapted to a RESTful .NET backend
Created scripts for database backups on MySQL server 5.5/5.6 using deflation algorithm. Achieved 70% compression of large customer databases. Produced documentation on Confluence.
Created new features for SharePoint 3.0 applications using .NET 4.5 on Visual Studio 2013
Implemented ORM (object relation mapping) solution NHibernate to map raw data to objects

Technical Trainee /International Training - Anuva (2011)

Worked on surface mount assembly line and wave soldering. Tested PCB for calling card phones